Romiti Vivai Family

Romiti Vivai is today an international reality that operates on the main world markets. Its foundation dates back to 1921 when Ugo Romiti, with the same passion passed on to future generations, began the activity of nursery.
The tenacity and the love for one’s work allow the company to develop over the years, and after the pause of the Second World War, with the entry of Pietro into the company, to open over the years to the specialization in fruit trees, and then subsequently to the development of ornamental plants.
The 1980s saw the entry of his sons Gianluca and Marco into the company, and it was here that Romiti Vivai made the great leap and developed the marketing of its products on the main foreign markets with increasing success. The two older brothers in the 1990s are joined by Lorenzo, Pietro’s third son, supporting the company’s work in terms of innovation and marketing. Recently the fourth generation joined the company with Davide, Gianluca’s son. The history of Romiti Vivai is the story of the Romiti family, which has always been the backbone of the company, where “nursery as a vocation” is – yesterday as today – the passionate dedication that unites all of its members.